About the company

LLC "M Elektro" is specialized in supply of electrotechnical components, products of industrial automation from leading manufacturers located in different parts of the world; this symbolizes the globe which is the logo of our company.

Team of experts and optimists of company LLC "M Elektro" driven by a common purpose based on corporate culture, traditions, and effective interpersonal relationships works constantly on improvement of relationships with our clients and suppliers, and also on constant diversification of our products.
Highly qualified staff of LLC "M Elektro" have years of experience in promotion of products of different brands.

Our main priority is the satisfaction of the client’s needs for the purpose of rendering of services in technical and customer service, technical assistance in selection of components and products, choice and selection of various alternatives for replacements, delivery terms; and the final choice we reserve for our clients.
We have intentions and create an open, friendly, trusting and harmonious relationship with our clients and that’s why the motto of the company LLC «M Elektro» is:

«In harmony with Customers»

Partner relations with manufacturers give to the specialists of LLC "M Elektro" opportunity to render the services in: delivery of components and products for serial production, rendering of high quality technical consultations, making of presentations, providing with technical catalogs, brochures, selection of replacements and technical solutions, providing with best prices and delivery terms, creation of the stock for scheduled and urgent deliveries for production needs. The presence of stock reserves in Russia at our suppliers and the smoothly running logistics allow delivering in agreed terms.

The company LLC "M Elektro" is the complex supplier on the electrotechnical market, it offers to your company the deliveries of electrotechnical components, products of industrial automation from leading manufacturers.

LLC "M Elektro" is the official distributor of Phoenix Contact RUS; official distributor of I.L.M.E. SpA in Russia; dealer of Schneider Electric RUS; official partner of SIEMENS, official partner of companies Finder and Rittal; dealer of products company Tele; official partner of companies: Klauke, General Cable.

We are sure that our offers became the basis of our harmonious relationships!
Thank you!